Congratulations to Sarah Jones who won Street Hunt in 46 days. Sarah, who lives and works in Colchester, set about the Street Hunt challenge with a bit of help from friends. “It’s been really enjoyable. I’m actually going to miss it,” Sarah said. “I did the easy ones first, the ones with the most obvious clues. Then when it became clear what the poem was about I started to look for street signs with words that might fit. I had a spreadsheet on my computer with all the street names in the area listed on it. We drove around in the middle of the night looking for signs. It’s been great. I hope something like this happens again.” Sarah doesn’t know exactly what she’s going to do with her £2,548.25 but she’s planning a trip to Iceland, so some of it will almost certainly contribute to that.

Anthony Roberts, Director of Colchester Arts Centre said, “The response to Street Hunt has been amazing. I know people have found it equally enjoyable and frustrating. It’s had people pounding the streets and discovering more about our wonderful town and the surrounding area.”

Artist Joshua Sofaer said, “Well done Sarah. What and achievement. Street Hunt was really tough. I was worried that it might never be solved. But her dedication and ingenuity won through.”

Well that’s it folks, the prize has been won. Of course you can keep going on your own to try and work out all the streets. As you travel around Colchester and the surrounding towns and villages, look at the street signs and see if you can spot places that were part of Street Hunt. For those of you still playing, don’t scroll down because that’s where we reveal the winning answers.

If you want a book to try it without the hope of a prize, we are now giving away unsold copies. Please visit Colchester Arts Centre Box Office or Red Lion Books to pick up a copy.

Colchester Five Ways

Tall Tara Talbot,
Colchester badminton challenge.
Cross-court reach.
Pioneer coach Margaret Maidenburgh.
Olympic endeavour:
Close game.
Triumph. Victory. Podium.

Sargeant Robin Flagstaff,
Broad back.
Great regimental cohort.
Military unity.
Fellowes courage.

Crooked Christopher Speedwell.
Motor reaper.
Hunting Daimler, Fiat, Ford, Vauxhall Cavalier.
Drive burns hunters chase.

Sweet old singleton Enid Peppercorn,
Elton John fan.
Sandwich angel.
Finer cook.
Salmon, chanterelle, cabbage, chestnut.

Belle fairhead singer Bethany,
Silver fox builder Ewan, pleasant guy.
Church marriages.
Spring blossom garland: hawthorn, rowan.
Bride: sunny point island holiday tangerine tan.
Groom: bright blue cap.
Love. Waterworks.

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The current prize fund is: £2,548.25

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